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June 2015
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This episode is a two-parter.

Part I

In the first part, recorded in the closet underneath the staircase in my house, I talk about stress patterns, modern day tigers, and the sympathetic nervous system.

We look at

  • how you can make your life so much easier (and produce better work) when you break those patterns,
  • what your Mellow Mama state actually is,
  • how your amygdala gets in the way of serendipity and your creativity, and
  • how you can use your attention and your breath as a major disruption tool.

(Note: While there is much discussion about cars careening into your lane on the highway, no accidents occurred in the creation of this content.)

Part II

Women’s Coach and Retreat Leader Megan Roop shares with us her Daily Welcoming practice.

What I love about her Daily Welcoming is that while there are so many angles to self-care, this one provides the umbrella for them all to be touched in with.

Since she actually does a full exercise here, I recommend that you listen to this episode in the morning, with paper and pen, in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.

(Note: there's a MP3 of just Megan's prompts for this exercise in the show notes at )

Megan’s work with women began over 10 years ago in the Peace Corps and continued in the role of yoga and meditation teacher. She later received her training as a Behavior Change Specialist and Certified Integrative Health Coach at Duke Integrative Medicine. She’s also a Certified teacher of The Way of the Happy Woman.

She combines her knowledge of behavior change and seasonal self-care practices with perceptive insights to guide you in living a more bold, free, and connected life.


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Jake Jorgovan helps his clients make money in extremely creative ways. His approach is of the outbound marketing camp and is very personal and you might even say quirky. If you thought that old school tape player was just a relic, think again. That ‘ancient’ piece of machinery could land you your next big client.

In this episode we discuss:

  • creating demand in a freelance economy and this helps you set higher rates
  • traffic vs. values and other challenges of being committed to authenticity in business
  • the single practice that influences his daily rhythm and serves as a tool for talking thru big decisions with himself
  • pruning and other practices that support him in moving toward his desired direction in life

He also shares which influential book inspired him to make his bucket list desire to live in another country happen now instead of some time in the indeterminate future.

I first ran across Jake’s work through Todd Henry’s community and was immediately hooked. He has a great ebook called The Focused Creator that is so complimentary to the Natural Professional approach that I knew I wanted him as a guest asap.

The more I’ve learned, the more I dig his work. His outbound is approach so refreshing. Being one who hates waste, I love this uber-strategic approach that results in focused action for direct impact.


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To bike through southern France or not to bike through southern France, that is one tough decision for this wanderlust-chica to make! Someone else doing the planning, award points in the mileage account... it's a no-brainer, right?

In this shorty episode, I share my process for making significant decisions. I call it my Big Decision Protocol. This is a simplified version of the process--the full version will be in the Natural Professional Handbook that I'm working on.

While researching, talking with people, listing pros & cons is important and gives your head plenty of data to work with, the best final decisions come through mindful connection with your Wise Self.

You'll learn

  • my four step process for making Big Decisions
  • which step most people leave out when trying to follow their intuition (hint: it's step #4)

This was a spontaneous episode recorded over the fourth of July weekend. After being immersed in a family emergency for a week, and then in family vaykay mode for another week, I'd been putting off making a final decision. This meant that my friend was waiting ever-so-patiently for a response.

Feelings of unease began to settle in as I left my friend in limbo and had this decision hanging over me. These kinds of feelings are a huge signifier that I need to reach for my energy management toolkit.

Finally one morning, before anyone else was up, I knew what needed to happen--I remembered that I have the tools to resolve this. I took pen and paper and sat by the lake. The result of that session was to confidently settle on a decision.

Then there was the major bonus of documenting the process and recording this episode right then and there! Now that's some natural productivity kicking in!

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Nancy Shanteau on the Authentic Success PodcastThe Body-Mind connection is so fascinating!

In this episode of the Authentic Success podcast, Nancy Shanteau, a Skills for Change Coach and Somatic Coach talks about a process she's developed to deal with the thoughts that otherwise clutter up the mind and bring us down.

Whether you think of these thoughts as from the inner critic, the voice of judgement or just straight up shame or guilt, they wield an inordinate amount of power over you.

You'll learn how

  • the simple technique to weed out self-sabotaging thoughts,
  • cleansing your thoughts leads to re-connecting with your wise-adult consciousness, and
  • to stop sleepwalking through your life with old thought-patterns.

I've been fascinated by the Mind-Body connection for years now as I've come to understand that the body gives us so much information--that we ignore--every day. As a result, we waste huge amounts of energy.

One of the biggest energy drains results from the cluttered mind. It's not until you start paying attention to the quantity of inane thoughts that you begin to realize how much of a life-draining suck it is (sorry, ego, it's true and I'm not going to pretend that it isn't!)

Instead of analyzing which thoughts deserve to stay and which to go (which would 1) take a Huge amount of time, and 2) contribute to tons more thoughts!) Nancy tells us of her process that accesses the wisdom of the body to discern quickly.

She loves structure (a woman after my own heart!) and has created a systematic online program to lead people through her process, which results in tools that you can use on your own in the future.

Listeners get $50 discount off July program when you mention the Authentic Success podcast by June 27.


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